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So, uh, Ohio State now.... So, uh, Ohio State now....

177 counts, and not one stood up to “DR. Jelly Hands”, or at least not one on record at this point.

Truck Guys...

You know the kind.  Just read through the comments on  Even Rivian has them now apparently.

Found on Craigslist

Hmm...Looks familiar.

Interesting poll results

Highest level of satisfaction with the direction the country is going since 2005.  Lots of interesting stats in there.

Ho-ly shit.  

I knew west coast housing prices were nuts, but this is probably the best example I’ve seen. And people are saying in the comments that it’s a good deal.

That didn't take long That didn't take long

From the amazon deals post, of course everybody has the same joke at the same time.

There it is.   There it is.  

Anything besides the Venom between here and there?

Finally. Finally.

Didn’t think about the 662 yesterday until after it passed, figured I’d miss this one, but didn’t. Neat.

So I saw a Model X in person the other morning...

Much smaller than I expected. Not really a minivan, seemed like more of a Microvan like the Mazda 5. About the size of the Escape that was right behind me, seeing them side by side. Granted, this is just a 3-second impression mostly from my mirrors, but it looked little.


One thing after another

Changed the oil and air filter in the John Deere yesterday, adjusted the deck height up one hole (it was cutting really low, new to me mower), went to change the spark plugs and the gap was hugely different between the new and old. Didn't have the stuff to check which gap was what I needed (usually just threw them…

Inner tubes, where to buy?

Anyone know where to buy an inner tube, 23x10.5x12? I found one at Tractor Supply for $22, didn't find any at other local stores. The 'net didn't reveal any better deals, not even ebay or craigslist. $22 seems high, but it may just have been that long since I bought one. Anybody know of anywhere better, or is that…