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A PoDunk Christmas A PoDunk Christmas

Disclaimer: I posted this on my own blog a while back. Been updated a bit:

Celebrities Are Just Like Us Except For Everything

So I’ve met maybe seven? arguably famous people. But those are not interesting stories.* Here are the two stories about the celebrities I encountered but did not actually meet: When I lived in LA I (literally) bumped into a very hot famous dude who I cannot name as that would be indiscreet (Kiefer Sutherland). It…

Cattle Call

Or, Why I See Myself the Way I Do. Let’s say you are casting a television commercial for, let’s call it, Major Japanese Car Producer (MJCP). You need three women: blonde, brunette, redhead. One man. All beautiful, that goes without saying. The casting agent does the first cull, but they don’t want to leave out The One,…

A Post About Me, I Hope You Like It.

I was going to call this, The People in My Head, but that sounded a little disturbing. So this is how I see things sometimes: My Soul lives in a snug cottage with a massive stone hearth that holds a roaring fire. It’s in a tropical place with the sounds of the surf drifting through the windows. And yeah I know there are…