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I would love this but couldn’t get over the whole right side driving thing.

Distracted driving is dangerous! Distracted driving is dangerous!

This was a fatal wreck. I really didn’t want to post the pics because of it, but i feel that everybody needs a reminder. A truck driver was distracted and crossed a center line and Killed the drive of this Honda. Just remember that your actions don’t just affect you. Wait to send that text!

iPhone ad blocker?

Has anybody ever tried an ad blocker for iPhone. The ads are just getting so much more invasive. I have an iPhone 7+ and half the screen is ads. When I scroll on the FP There is literally a huge ad beetween every single paragraph. Any negatives to using an ad blocker?

Rental car choices!  Rental car choices! 

Oppo help me decide! Should I rent the cheapest base model subcompact that probably has manual windows and no cruise control, or should I spend $10 more and get a Mustang?

Any experienced electricians here?

Ok, I need electrician help for getting my new electric car to charge at my house; warning: this gets super technical!

.7 liters of fury .7 liters of fury

Since nobody threw themselves in front of the gun and stopped me last night-I pulled the trigger and bought the BMW i3. I paid 19,300. It has the range extender, DC fast charging, Giga, Electronic Package, Tech and Driving Package, Harman Kardon and of course that gorgeous eucalyptus dash.

Dieselgate sweepstakes (almost) winner annnounced 

Well, I think i am very close to finally choosing the StraightSixDieselgate winner! We thought about the GTI, but I’m just not crazy about going back to VW. Pile on top of that, that my wife isn’t a big fan of Asian or American cars and she demanded a hatch back, the pool of contestants was small. We test drove an…

It blows my mind that these are a thing It blows my mind that these are a thing

Every time I see one of these I forget that they actually come from the factory this way. Did a designer and marketer look at the Nissan Murano crosscabriolet, and be like....”we gotta get in on this hot sales action?”

Houston C&C 

Any Houston Opponauts going to be there?

Houston Flood Update Houston Flood Update

I snagged these off Insta. A few casualties of the flood. These is one in there that will offend a certain jalop. I actually seriously doubt that many cars that would offend a jalop flooded. Everybody here normally drives 5 year old Camrys and trades them in.

I've made a huge mistake I've made a huge mistake

I parked in the wrong spot for about two hours last night. Today is a wash day even though it is going to rain.

I’m about to ask a question that has been asked 495,040,123 times. What car should I buy with my VW cash? I’m getting about $29k, I would like to keep my budget around $20K to $25k so I can pay cash and drop one of my car payments, however, the absolute most I want to spend is 32K(ish). This car is the one my wife…

Kodi Question - Wheeler Dealers

I want to watch the 4 newish episodes of Wheeler Dealers, problem is, it is a PAIN to get them. I used to watch them on my jailbroken Apple TV. I now have a fire stick that I just downloaded Kodi too. I’ve tried Phoenix and it can’t find any streams, 1Channel seems to be crapping out on my fire stick. Any ideas?…

Inuendo goes here-Floor Jack Question Inuendo goes here-Floor Jack Question

Ok, somehow in one of my past moves I have lost a floor jack. I am about to buy a new one and was looking for some input. I really don’t want to spend more than 75-100 bucks.

Home Theater Question Home Theater Question

I am trying to clean up my upstairs living room TV area. This is my “nice” living room so my wife won’t let me go for a 7.2 surround sound and projector. I currently have a 55" inch TV/Vizio Soundbar/Sub setting on a cabinet from Ikea and a cable box below it. I was hoping to buy an A/V receiver and put it off to the…

GM Ignition Lawsuit GM Ignition Lawsuit

I was intrigued about the GM ignition lawsuit so I googled the guys name to find other articles. Guess what popped up, A Facebook page. Not exactly what I was looking for, but I clicked on it and it was a guy from Oklahoma, conveniently he posted pictures of a wreck of a Saturn in 2014. What do you guys think about a…

Whatzit?   Whatzit?  

I’m pretty sure this is a joke, as in, this is super rare and some guy posted it on the internet under “porch” to get everybody in a huff. I can’t place it. It looks somewhat familiar and has “Caraway” written on the back. It looks to be a mid-engine race car. The add also states it is a 2000 Porsche.

Behold, Some of the most sketchy wording Behold, Some of the most sketchy wording

“Clean Title Possibly Available”

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