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Down With Big Nose

What if you had a big giant nose And really it didn’t bother you very much It makes eating a lil more difficult And kissing is a minor, fun challenge But it looks good on you and It fits your personality You see old paintings and photographs Of others in the past who were revered For their big, giant noses, just like yours And…

Honest Question: Just Kidding, It's a Rant About Police

Do police depts bust out that “women should be more aware of their surroundings” bullshit when a crime occurs because they want to absolve themselves from any liability they may have for not properly patrolling the area? In other words, are police depts asking potential crime victims to do their work for them? Being…

Don't Talk Shit About My Friend

You’re my friend. You’ve lost weight. This has been a goal for you and you’ve done a great job achieving what you set out to accomplish. We are proud of you!

Fun Facts to Consider When Buying Stuff Without Leaving Your House

Based on long-term observation, I have come to realize customers don’t know a whole lot about the magical elves and fairies that bring them things they want, when they want it, without the customer ever having to move anything but one arm. What they don’t know about fulfillment could fill volumes of rich mahogany on a…

I Hate (City.)

I can’t be the only one who has noticed how much (city) has changed lately, and not for the better. From the traffic to the complete absence of (abstract noun), something that (city) used to be known for, I don’t know much longer I can stand living here.

Wendy Davis' NBC TV Pilot

...a “dramedy” loosely based on her experience as a woman who’s a Democrat state senator in a BLOOD RED, good ole boy state.