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Mid-century Farm Questions Mid-century Farm Questions

Ok guys, I’m working on interviewing my getting-old aunts and uncles about what life was like growing up on a farm from the ‘40s-’60s. My mom grew up in a huge family and I’m fascinated with what life was like (as a suburban child of the ‘80s) for super-rural kids. I had thought up some questions that I could use to…

SEX TALK went kablooey!  SEX TALK went kablooey! 

Thanks to everyone who participated in another very sexy SEX TALK by revealing their unusual turn-ons. We’ll be back mid-next-week for more scintillating fun!

Help Me Learn How To Adult, PLZ (Job Edition) Help Me Learn How To Adult, PLZ (Job Edition)

Hello all. I’m embarrassed to admit that I do not know how to adult in some ways. I’m sad to say that since I finished grad school nearly two years ago, I have not, until this moment, tried to set up a portfolio of the proofreading/writing/editing that I’ve done as a freelancer. There isn’t much (because I didn’t have…

Sex Talk went Ka boom!! Sex Talk went Ka boom!!

Yes, that’s right. The sexy Sex Talk where we discussed pet names for body parts is no more. Please join us next week on our usual Wednesday for another super hot and awesome SEX TALK!

SEX TALK went ka-poof! SEX TALK went ka-poof!

Thank you to all you sexy people who shared your sexiest stories. Stay tuned for more sexy sexy Sex Talk next Wednesday!


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By the way, SEX TALK went kablam! By the way, SEX TALK went kablam!

Thanks to everyone who contributed their sexy sex secrets. It was fun and even an experienced semi-old like myself learned something new!


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Sex Talk went KABOOM

Thank you to all you sexy people who shared your most sexy fave sex acts! I hope you all enjoyed yourselves. Join us back her next Wednesday night for more hot, sexy fun!

This happened to me yesterday

I was at a job fair at my alma mater. I was very nervous, because uncertain situations scare the crap out of me. I actually had to bribe myself to even make me go there (with having a Faygo red pop slurpee afterwards. Those things are spectacular) so that’s my frame of mind at the career fair. Constantly wanting to…

Mad, hilarious Sex Talk went Ka-blam! 

Big thanks to everyone who shared their most hilarious sex-related moment! That was fun. If you have an idea for next week's Sex Talk, please share it here.

SEX TALK went poof! 

Actually it did many hours ago, I was just out and couldn't post this. Thanks to everyone who participated in the super sexy talk! Sex Talk will return next Wednesday for more sexy fun! If you have an idea for a topic for upcoming weeks please feel free to post it here!

Quick survey: which anti-depressant is the best? Quick survey: which anti-depressant is the best?

Hey guys, I know this might sound silly, but I'm discussing starting back on anti-depressants with my doctor and I'm trying to find out which one is the best fit for me. She's prescribed Effexor, but I've been hearing terrible stories about the side effects and it scares me. From what I've read, Effexor is supposed to…

Share your worst OKC Messages!  Share your worst OKC Messages! 

Hello all. As a single lady Looking for Love, I'm trying my hand at online dating, specifically on the OKCupid website. I'm sure there are some fine and lovely men on this site, but trying to find them requires wading through messages like these:

Job opportunity: how do I do? 

Ok, so I went to a party on Friday. I met a really awesome lady who asked what I do, and I told her that I was looking for working in the writing field. She told me that her friend worked for a company nearby that needed to hire some copywriters! So she got my contact info and texted her friend who works at the…

Subtle contouring- is it possible? How do I do?

Hey there dudes. I'm going to an Important Party tomorrow night and I have to look good. Now, I'm not as thin as I would like and although I am cute, I would like my face to look less wide and square/round. I am a single lady and there's at least one guy who will be at this party that I would like to flirt with. But I…

My mom thinks I'm an old maid (advice needed) My mom thinks I'm an old maid (advice needed)

I posted this on mainpage Saturday Night Social but didn't get too much response because I posted so late, so I'm reposting it here because I seriously need advice. Thanks, guys!

SEX TALK has been on hiatus...

But might be coming back soon for weekly fun times. What do you guys think? Anyone interested in talking about sexy topics? IS THIS SOMETHING Y'ALL WOULD LIKE: Y OR N?

Groupthink, I totally need your help! (Boots edition)

I started anew job which necessitated that I work 10 hours on Black Friday. I wore my "good shoes" (danskos) for the shift, thinking they would prevent foot ache, but when I woke up yesterday my feet hurt so bad I could barely walk. I think because the danskos are slightly too big, they slid around for so long that…

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