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Why Your Protest Vote Is Going To Screw Us.

Any vote against Hillary is two votes for Trump and the people that support him. The people that support him are the actual scary part....just watch the video:

The ACLU Is Giving Away Pocket Constitutions in Honor of Mr. Kahn

Here’s a neat thing: the ACLU is giving away free pocket Constitutions with free shipping through November 7th. It’s totally legit, I just ordered one.

Dear Leslie Jones,

Please forget those idiots on Twitter. Heck, forget Twitter all together. Join Kinja and hang out with the Jezzies. We’ll internet cuddle and protect you and hug you and post photos of our pets for you.

Holy crap, Jezzies! I was headline quoted in a Rawstory article.

I’m anonymously famous! They quoted me as “Jezebel reader” but I can live with that!

Remember Their Faces....

A majority of the victims have been identified. They all have faces, they were all important to somebody, many were just at the beginning of realizing their potential.

Coming Out of the Hillary Closet Coming Out of the Hillary Closet

Seth Meyers is a GD national treasure:

Here we go....

A small bomb exploded in an empty Target bathroom earlier today in Illinois. We have now come to a point where an imaginary problem that never needed fixing (as a smoke screen to further harassment) is being handled the way the fringe right handles their disgust over women’s rights.....explosives. I fear that things…

Nevadatude: Caucus Ruckus

Well, I went to my very first caucus today. I’m happy to report that it wasn’t as terribly boring as I thought it would be. It was actually fun.

Some dude for Hilary is voting for her because she’ll mother our country. Bernie bro says Bernie it’s better. The whole room is shouting him down.

This Caucus is a mess. The system for preregistration was a mess, people are cranky and technically registration should have stopped at noon but everything is a mess and I doubt nobody will adhere to the time limit.


Long line at the caucus and seems as if there’s a bunch of Hilary supporters, a berniebro sporting as Bernie shirt and a cute little girl handing out stickers.

RIP Scott Weiland.