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I’ve been meaning to reply to you on the other thing (the thing with the stuff, you know) but it’s been uber busy at the store lately; and then the sick boyfriend; and the limping Mum with her new bionic knee who’s all zooked on pain pills; and now the dog keeps trying to hump the cat. I come home, clean up a bit,…

Yes Mom.  I'll go to sleep

I am supposed to be resting. But they keep waking me to take blood. I’m afraid to have them give me an ambien because I don’t want to wander the hall in a butt baring gown prowling for pudding. The nurse did comment that she hoped I wasn’t reading anything that would upset me. I told her I was avoiding any Trump…


Does Dr. I work with BPD “clients”?


My sister and her husband split up for awhile when my niece was about little ‘zups age. They reconciled after about a year. It was really ugly and dramatic and even now sometimes I marvel at my sister’s capacity for forgiveness (there wasn’t any infidelity but my bro-in-law made a lot of INSANE accusations and did…